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My Dog ​​Licks His Paws A Lot, What’s Wrong?

My Dog ​​Licks His Paws A Lot
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Dogs licking their paws is a very common occurrence. However, if it is continuous or compulsive licking, there may be a problem. Animals have many behaviors that are hard for us to understand because they are driven by instinct, and just as some dogs eat grass to purge themselves when they are sick or suffer from intestinal problems, others may lick their paws to relieve some kind of discomfort. Here are the main reasons why your dog licks its paws.

My dog ​​licks his paws a lot

When there is compulsive and unusual behavior, it is very important to rule out that the reason for this gesture is medical. If we rule out these possible origins, the problem could be due to a behavioral disorder. Here are the five main reasons why a dog licks its paws a lot:.

1. Pain

If your dog starts licking his paws a lot, this behavior may be an indication of pain, especially if he only licks one of his paws. This pain can be caused by wounds, bites, thorns, glass, or a broken nail.

So the first thing you should do is check his paw for injuries or foreign objects. If you do not see anything, it is advisable to take him to the veterinarian to rule out any internal injury, especially if the licking is accompanied by lameness.

2. Allergies

When a dog licks its paws a lot, it may be due to an external agent to which your dog is allergic, and if this licking is prolonged, it may irritate the skin and cause an infection. Dust in suspension, leaves in autumn, and pollen in spring can awaken your dog’s allergies.

Also, if you live in an area where there are jacarandas (with lilac-colored flowers) and tipuanas (with yellow flowers), you will know that these trees release sticky resin during the spring and summer months, in their flowering season, especially when they are attacked by pests. This sticky substance can be very annoying to dogs, who try to remove it from their pads with compulsive licking.

If you suspect that your dog suffers from an allergy that causes this behavior, go to your veterinarian and ask what you can do.

3. Boredom

Dogs, contrary to popular belief, are very active animals and need to consume their energy with frequent walks or games. If they are alone at home or have little activity, they may develop destructive behaviors such as licking their paws a lot.

Try to increase the frequency and duration of walks and provide toys to keep your dog entertained.

4. Anxiety

Excessive paw-licking may be an indication that your dog has anxiety. The causes of anxiety in dogs can vary from separation anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorders. So if your dog licks his paws a lot, it can be a reflex action, just like when you bite your nails.

In any case, the best thing to do is to check his paws for redness, inflammation, or signs of injury.

5. Fleas or ticks

Bites from fleas, ticks, or the hateful processionary caterpillar can also be the source of your dog’s compulsive licking, due to the strong itching they cause. Additionally, if your dog is allergic, this itching may worsen.

An eye examination by your veterinarian will clear up any doubts. You should also remember that in the warmer months, it is very important to check your pet’s coat periodically and use dewormers.

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