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Does Your Dog Cry At Night? Help Him Relax

It is very common for dogs to cry at night—more common than you might believe. The reasons are many, and the way to help him depends on the reason why he is crying.

Puppies regularly cry at night because they miss their mother and the rest of the litter. This is known as separation stress. Don’t lose your head; at some point it will happen, but to help, you can follow these tips:

  • Look for a warm bed that is not too big so that you don’t feel like a pea on a tray.
  • Put a blanket inside the bed, just for him. This way, you will be able to recognize his space and begin to feel a sense of ownership.
  • Under the blanket, you can put plastic bottles with hot water to generate heat (not boiling water because we don’t want the puppy to burn).
  • You can put a ticking clock under the blanket to simulate the mother’s heartbeat and lull her to sleep.
  • Place a soft toy inside his bed to keep him company and so that he can play with it when he wakes up, but that does not represent a danger; it should be a doll that does not damage his small teeth and that he can move easily.

If your dog is already an adult, there may be many reasons why he cries at night

Even adult furry dogs can suffer from separation stress. This happens if you change their routine, and now they no longer know when they count on you. Dogs love and need routines to know what is going to happen next. They know that, for example, if you give them breakfast and then it is time for a walk, they will return home and stay alone for a while while you are going to work, but you return when there is no longer natural light and they come out again. This order in their lives gives them peace of mind because they know that you will always return (did you see the Hachiko movie? ), but when their routine changes, it is difficult for them to get used to that change, and they suffer from it, especially at night.

These changes may be, for us, very simple, but for them, they are big changes like going on vacation, going to the vet, or having a lot of people at home and not being allowed to behave as they normally do.

To help him overcome this stress, you can give him a relaxing pill before going to bed so that he relaxes and can rest during the night. You can also dedicate a few more minutes than usual to petting and playing to help him feel loved and valued.

Another reason is that you need to cover basic needs. To help him, it is necessary to feed and drink him for a maximum of one hour before he goes to sleep so that he is not hungry or thirsty, and it is important that he relieve himself before going to bed so that he does not wake up with the urge to go to the bathroom. at night.

It may be that your furry friend has some pain related to an illness or injury or muscle pain from playing too hard or is suffering from anxiety attacks caused by fireworks, a storm, or a sudden change such as a change of house, room, or bed. . They don’t like changes; on the contrary, it scares them.

For this, you can give small soothing treats with lavender and chamomile. These ingredients help relax the furry ones and can help reduce inflammation and mitigate the pain a little. Don’t forget to consult your veterinarian to rule out anything serious.

Maybe it is that he is looking for attention, and this can only be resolved by working on his independence. When your furry friend knows that he does not need you all the time and that there are things he can do alone, such as playing and going to sleep, he will begin to be a more furry person. independent and happy.

To work on this independence, look for intelligence toys in which you can entertain yourself for long periods without having to intervene. Some of these toys can be the rubber ones where you hide treats and they have to take them out.

We hope that these tips help you spend better nights and that you and your furry friend can rest.

Good night!

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