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How To Know If My Dog ​​Is Cold

How To Know If My Dog ​​Is Cold
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The drop in temperatures always brings with it one of the most common questions pet owners ask: Is my dog cold? It is important for you to know that the answer to this question is different depending on the breed of dog and where they are. Normally, dogs’ coats keep them from getting cold.

But not all dog breeds have thick fur to keep them warm. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to protect our pets by providing them with extra care. But don’t worry; there are tricks to know when a dog is cold. You may also like why my dog ignores me.

How do you know when a dog is cold?

As well as breed, age, and size, these are also factors that determine how well dogs withstand the cold. Puppies and older dogs tend to be colder, as their ability to regulate their body temperature is not very effective. And small-breed dogs are always colder than larger dogs. So we must pay attention to certain attitudes of our furry friends:

  • Tremors are one of the main signs. Notice if your dog starts to shiver when you go outside, and avoid walking your pet in drafty areas or early or late in the day.
  • If you notice that your dog sleeps more than usual, is tired, or makes slow or clumsy movements, he may be struggling to maintain his body temperature.
  • If you notice dryness in the nose area, it may also be another sign that your dog is not tolerating low temperatures properly.

If you notice any of these signs, try to protect him from the cold by covering him with blankets while he sleeps or with special pet clothing when you go out for a walk. On rainy days, wait for the rain to stop. If this does not happen, when you return home, dry him immediately with a towel or blow dryer.

It is also important that you prepare their habitat for the arrival of winter. It is recommended to place your bed near the heater. Or, failing that, let the dog have several blankets and cover him to sleep.

As for food, at this time, you may have to increase the amount of food. The more calories you eat, the more energy you will have to protect yourself from the cold.

It is also important to take care of the dogs’ pads when they go out for a walk, as ice can cause burns in this sensitive area of their paws. One way to protect them is by applying a little Vaseline to their pads before the walk.

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