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Why shouldn’t I let my dog ​​eat grass?

should i let my dog eat grass

Most of us who live with a dog have observed how, on occasion, it eats grass and then vomits. But do we know why they do it and if it is beneficial for him?

Reasons why the dog eats grass:

Surely you have heard the expression ”the dog is purging itself” a thousand times. What does this mean?. Certainly, the animal eats grass to induce vomiting and eliminate everything in its stomach. It’s the acids in the grass that make them vomit. This theory may be right, but this is not always the reason.

Another reason, quite common, that causes this behavior is boredom. In the absence of stimuli, the animal feels frustrated, and if grass or herbs are within reach, they focus their attention on this action as a hobby.

Also, the discomfort caused by parasites in the digestive system can lead the animal to perform this gesture.

Is it beneficial or detrimental?

Although it is a natural behavior in dogs, we should never allow them to do it for several reasons:

On the one hand, stomach acids can weaken the enamel of the teeth as well as damage the gums, palate, and throat, causing their inflammation.

In addition, weeds may be treated with pesticides or contain parasites. If so, eating them will cause greater evil.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid this behavior as much as possible. If we observe that the animal feels discomfort, we must go to the veterinarian so that they can assess whether the animal may be sick.

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I hope that this article has resolved all the doubts about it, and remember that if you have any questions, you can contact me. I will be happy to help you!

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