How Long Does a Dog Heat Last?

How long does a dog heat last

How long does a dog’s heat last? It is the law of life, but as the owner of one of these animals, you cannot stop worrying about their reactions. Although it is a natural process, it also implies an alteration of the normal state of the dog.

You will have to deal with the symptoms and behaviors of this physical and psychological disorder. Are you ready to take note? we start

The keys to a bitch’s first heat

First of all, we have to refer to the common maturation processes of dogs. In the same way that their height and weight change, the development of their defenses and organs takes place. Among the latter, we highlight the reproductive ones.

As with people, the maturation of the sexual organs culminates earlier in females than in males. In the first case, it takes between half a year and two years of life.

In the latter, this maturation is delayed until approximately two or three years. The consequence of this disparate development will be that males will have a longer infantile life cycle.

Now that you know when the first heat of the dog arrives, it is important that you learn to identify the symptoms that will allow you to recognize that your pet is going through this phase.

The bitch in heat and its symptoms

Record these physical and behavioral changes in the bitch in heat and her symptoms. They will have to deal directly with the hormonal changes caused by the maturation of their reproductive organs. These changes are:

  • Greater signs of nervousness and anxiety.
  • You will urinate more frequently.
  • Inflammation of the vulva.
  • Breast growth.
  • Blood in the sexual organs.
  • Fewer signs of affection towards the owners.
  • Once the female begins to feel more like playing and being affectionate with the males, she will have started the ovulation phase.

Duration of heat of the bitch

As happens with its intervals, you have to take into account that they differ depending on the specimens, ranging between five and ten months.

The phases of heat are experienced throughout the life of the animal. Large breeds reach sexual maturity later than small ones; between eleven and twelve months is usually the time for the first ones, while the little ones reach it between five and eight months.

Regarding the time that this phase will last, it ranges between two and four weeks, or twenty-three days. It usually happens twice a year; do not trust those who tell you that it happens every half year.

If you want to predict when the next cycle will occur, it is best to write down the dates on which it goes through one of them. In this way, you will be able to predict the arrival of the next one.

On the other hand, if this phase lasts much longer than twenty-one or twenty-three days or has not just arrived, you should contact a veterinarian, since it will be an indication of some disorder.

Age, some genetic inconveniences, and an inadequate diet can be the causes of this problem.

The four phases of a dog’s heat

In the following lines, we inform you about the stages of a dog’s heat and its manifestations:

  1. Proestrus: Lasting between a week and a week and a half, it is characterized by inflammation of the vulva and the appearance of some blood loss. The male is rejected by the female at this stage.
  2. Estrus: This stage lasts between five and fifteen days, in which the female allows the male to smell her, which implies that she has begun to ovulate. Although the vulva will remain swollen, the blood loss will disappear. The births that take place between days eight and ten are the ones that usually give rise to pregnancies.
  3. Right-handed: It lengthens when the bitch has not been ridden—about two months. If it has been, it will last between one hundred and ten and one hundred and forty days, which last the periods of gestation and lactation.
  4. Anestrus: It is the sexual rest that lasts until the next heat arrives.

The care of a dog in heat

When your dog is in heat, you have to take extreme precautions regarding her hygiene. Clean your perianal area twice a day and administer chlorophyll or mentholated essences orally.

Teach him to wear underwear, such as useful pants. 
Also, try to make sure that dogs cannot access it through doors and windows.

Prepare a space where she feels safe, and calm her anxiety through games. This is very important.

Spaying or neutering a female dog, as a solution

Lastly, if you don’t want your dog to breed puppies, spaying or neutering her is the ideal alternative. Besides, you will avoid her psychological pregnancies.

In short, you know how long a dog’s heat lasts. She now applies these tips to alleviate her problems. If you found it interesting and informative, you can share it on your favorite social network or share your experience or doubts in the comments.

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