Fear of Firecrackers: How to Protect Your Dog from Fireworks?

How to Protect Your Dog from Fireworks

For many, one of the days they look forward to the most of the year, for others, a real nightmare. We are not particularly discussing our animal friends or the San Juan bonfires. Frightened of loud noises, such fireworks and thunderstorms, between 53 and 74% of dogs. For some, the sound of the pyrotechnics and firecrackers that are so typical of the Alicante Bonfires can become a real nightmare that causes anxiety, tachycardia and hyperventilation. What, though, is causing their anxiety, and how can we help?

For several reasons, dogs are afraid of firecrackers. They hear noises louder than we do, to be sure, because of their excellent hearing. Because residual gunpowder smells unpleasant, their sense of smell is also impacted.

Fear can be either learnt or inherited. First of all, the existence of the species is associated with a fundamental fear. But learned dread arises when a dog associates the loud noise with a negative past event.

How thus can we comfort our dogs when they are among firecrackers? It is important to keep calm. Our dog will sense when we appear anxious and will become much more so.

Many dogs bolt inside for safety from loud noises. They should not be forced to come out of hiding; rather, they should find their own space. Put on the television or play some music; closing windows and doors will also help to reduce noise.

Our attempts to calm our dogs could come out as overprotection. It is important to keep control over the dog because fear can make them attempt to flee. Locking up access to the house and balconies will therefore help to prevent escapes.

One decision we need to carefully consider is medication. As they can recommend the appropriate drug for any circumstance, a veterinarian should always be consulted. The medication should be administered to our pet before Bonfire Week to observe their response.

We can also arrange our home such that our dog is more adept with firecrackers. Playing music or television, closing windows and drawing the shades can all help to create a more serene environment. We can also set up a calm area in the house with a carrier or a cozy corner and provide toys, food, and water.

It is important to keep our dog happy and composed under pressure. Speaking without an authoritarian tone, be composed. Remember that your dog trusts you, therefore give him comfort and security. Why my dog ignores me may also be of interest to you.

If your dog begs to go for a walk over the holidays, try to take him or her during quieter times and always keep them on a lead. Check that the street is securely closed to prevent escapes.

Never let your dog by himself at home while the fireworks go off. Seeking for a trustworthy friend to hide with will be your initial reaction to panic. In case you are unable to attend, consider employing an animal daycare.

Avoid using the stimulus flooding approach to acclimatize the dog to firecrackers as it exposes him to them right away. This approach could not work and the dog might get more anxious.

Bonfire 2024 need not be ruined for you or your dog by fear. Your pet may overcome his fear of firecrackers with time and effort and the application of these techniques. Comfort and mental health of your dog are the most important factors.

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