Sleeping With Your Pet Improves Sleep! Here we tell you the reasons

Sleeping With Your Pet Improves Sleep

Many times it has happened to us that we cannot fall asleep and that we spend sleepless nights, due to accumulated stress, the tensions of the day or the worries that afflict us even at this important moment. Although we know the therapeutic and relaxation properties that pets offer us when we live with them, a study removes the taboo that pets are prohibited in the room at bedtime. Now, inviting them to share the room helps you rest and feel calm.

The Mayo Clinic and its unit specialized in the study of sleep and carried out an investigation with 150 participants to identify the variables that make people have a more pleasant sleep. The result showed that 56% of those surveyed shared the bed or at least the room with their dog or cat.

And although some indicated that noises or disturbances sometimes disturbed them, this disturbance was minimal compared to the pleasure provided by sleeping throughout the night. Of this percentage, 41% stated that sleeping with their pet provided them with relaxation and security. You will be interested in knowing the 5 incredible advantages of adopting a pet with your partner.

Tranquility, peace, relaxation and feeling sheltered were the sensations associated with pets when sleeping with them or sharing a room. And this, according to experts, is due to the emotional bond that owners have with their dog or cat (or other pet), considering them part of their family, so they seek to spend as much time as possible with them, especially if during the day you and your partner are absent due to work or family commitments and the time dedicated to them is very limited.

So now you have it clear. Do you want to optimize your sleep and do not know how? Well, it’s time to open the door to your room and let Coco, Milou, Bruno, Anastasia, Max, Danthe, Serafin or whatever your dog or cat’s name come in to spend a few nights with you and your partner, obviously with the precautions and care to do it. Do not miss the 10 best dog breeds to have as a couple: Discover them and fall in love!

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