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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Shakes: Surprise Yourself

Why Your Dog Shakes

Surely on some occasion, you have wondered why your dog shakes. There are several reasons that lead you to do so, depending on the situation. Some may be very obvious, but others are sure to be unknown to you.

5 reasons why your dog shakes

1. To dry

This one you all know and it is quite evident. When the dog is wet, by shaking it can eliminate 70% of the water accumulated in its hair. However, it is interesting that you also know the instinctive part that leads him to have this behavior. Why don’t they want to be wet even though it’s hot? The water accumulated in their mantle makes them heavier and therefore hinders them when carrying out their normal activity. For example, if they have to run after their prey like the predator that it is, or if, on the contrary, they find themselves in a situation in which they are the prey.

2. To get rid of external parasites

Surely you have observed how your dogs when they wake up, shake. When they live outside, it is very common that during the rest their fur has been able to accumulate dirt and even contract a parasite and this causes this behavior. However, dogs that live indoors do too. This is because over the course of thousands of years this behavior has been fixed instinctively.

3. To change your emotional state

When they have suddenly found themselves in a stressful, uncomfortable, or tense situation and come out of it with flying colors, their feeling is one of relief. Then, they perform this action (shake) to loosen their muscles and restore their mood. I am going to list some situations that you will surely recognize right away; after a scuffle with another dog, after being scolded by their owners, when getting off the table at the hairdresser or the vet, after hearing a noise that has put him on alert.

4. Otitis or foreign body in the ear

If the shaking is too repetitive and they even tilt their heads, there is probably something wrong with their hearing. It may be a simple infection or a foreign body, such as a spike, that has entered the atrial cavity. In any case, you should go to the vet to diagnose and treat the possible ailment.

5. Discomfort in the anal glands

When dogs are upset that their anal glands are full, they usually just drag their asses. However, some dogs show their annoyance by shaking. As in the previous case, if you notice this behavior, you should go to the vet.

Having this information will help you better know and understand your furry friend’s emotions and moods. If you have any questions about it, or have observed a situation in which your dog shakes and does not fit any of the situations described above, from here I encourage you to participate by leaving us a comment!

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